L’avocat? Avocado? Lawyer?

avocado, L’avocat? Avocado? Lawyer?
Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys makes Louisiana residents scratch their heads with its latest billboard.

Our firm, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, has intrigued the public yet again with our latest marketing strategy: a billboard featuring Gordon McKernan’s head as the pit of an avocado.

But why? In the French language, the avocado and the lawyer are the same word, l’avocat! After a member of our marketing team shared this interesting fact, the department knew that we had to do something with it to honor Louisiana’s rich culture. Fun Fact: St. Martin Parish has the highest concentration of French speakers in the United States!

Did you know that Louisiana’s legal system illustrates the depth of its cultural roots? While the other 49 states in the United States practice Common Law, Louisiana is the only Civil Law jurisdiction in the nation! Once a region owned by France and Spain, Louisiana’s legal system is a hybrid between the Common Law of the United States and the Civil law countries of France and Spain.

We’re hopeful that our clever new billboard caught your interest and that you learned a fun language fact while trying to understand the reasoning behind our marketing strategy.

*** Disclaimer: The feminine spelling of l’avocat is l’avocate! ***