Class Action Lawsuit FAQs

What is a class-action lawsuit?

In the event that a large group of people suffers the same or similar damages or injuries from the use of a specific product or service, the group is able to come together to sue the defendant in a class-action lawsuit. 

Many cases are the result of harm by a defective product, such as pharmaceutical drugs or motor vehicles. Additional types of class-action lawsuits include environmental hazards, data and security breaches, and corporate misconduct. 

What are examples of class-action lawsuits?

Commonly known class-action lawsuits include the Roundup Cancer Lawsuit3M Military Ear Plug Lawsuit, and Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit.

What are the advantages of joining a class-action lawsuit?

 For those with limited financial resources and time, a class-action lawsuit may be the only way to receive the deserved compensation.

  • You save on legal costs. There are no attorney fees.
  • Successful cases usually pay the attorneys out of the recoveries
  • Streamlined process. There is only one court, one judge, and one decision.
  • Similar recoveries for every plaintiff
  • Greater efficiency and more certainty

Can I use my own lawyer in a class-action lawsuit?

Yes — if you’ve opted out of the class. If you join the class or do not opt-out of it — then you will be represented as part of the class and lose the option to file an individual lawsuit.

What’s the difference between an opt-in and opt-out lawsuit?

In an opt-in lawsuit, you must notify the courts that you want to be included in the class. In an opt-out lawsuit, you are automatically included in the class, whether you wish to be or not. 

If you would like to be excluded from the class, you must make this wish known to the courts.

What’s the difference between class actions and mass torts?

In a class-action lawsuit, the plaintiffs are grouped together in one lawsuit. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of everyone in the class. 

In a mass tort, a defendant is sued by a large group of people, but those people retain their individual lawsuit rather than becoming part of a class. 

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