Have You Been Injured by an Offshore Accident? | Call Gordon McKernan

If you live along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, chances are that you or someone you know works on an offshore oil rig or some other form of maritime work. This line of work is extremely dangerous, and unfortunately, accidents are all too common. Workers involved in accidents on the job often sustain serious injuries that prevent them from performing their work duties. In other cases, they are killed, removing sometimes the only real source of income for their families. These circumstances are tragic, especially if the offshoreman was killed through no fault of his own, but of someone else’s extreme negligence. If this situation sounds familiar to you or your family, it could be time to call an offshore accidents attorney like Gordon McKernan.

, Have You Been Injured by an Offshore Accident? | Call Gordon McKernan

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have an established history and great success rate in representing people affected in maritime incidents. Because the laws surrounding maritime and admiralty accidents are so complex, it’s best to hire an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of this section of the legal system. Gordon McKernan is an excellent choice for your offshore accidents attorney. The professionals at Gordon MCKernan Injury Attorneys are compassionate and skilled at what they do. They believe in keeping open and informed lines of communication with their clients for the extent of their suit. They take the time to make sure you understand what’s happening with your case in language you can understand. You and your loved ones always come first at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have represented clients injured in a wide variety of maritime positions, including:

  • Seamen
  • Boat captains
  • Rig mechanics
  • Crane operators
  • and many others

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, the team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys may be able to secure compensation for your injuries, missed work, property damage, and pain and suffering. If you and your family are looking for an offshore accidents attorney near Baton Rouge, look no further than Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. Their qualified staff are friendly and knowledgeable about maritime and admiralty law and are ready to get you the compensation you deserve. Visit their website for more information, and then contact Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys today at (225)-888-8888.