Five Questions to Ask Your Social Security Disability Attorney

Injured and unable to work? It’s time to apply for Social Security benefits. The process can be long and difficult, and you can save a lot of stress if you have an attorney on your side. To find an experienced Social Security disability attorney in Baton Rouge, contact Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys.

We will hold an initial consultation with you to get started. Here are some questions to keep in mind when speaking to your attorney. What do I do if my social security claim was denied? Many people who come to our office have already been denied Social Security benefits once from filing on their own. If this has happened to you, it’s not the end of your road. Come to us for help getting an approval the next time around, because we know how the system works. We can help you file an appeal and prepare for a formal hearing. The Social Security system requires specific information and evidence in order to reconsider your claim. We can guide you through these steps. What determines whether I am unable to work? When the Social Security Administration reviews your application or appeal, they look at a number of factors. They consider what work you were doing, what your medical condition is now, and what work you may be able to do in your present condition. If you are unable to do any other work, they will consider you “disabled” and eligible for Social Security benefits. In order to prove that you are unable to work, you and your attorney will need to gather medical evidence from your doctors, hospitals, or other facilities where you receive treatment. Our disability lawyer can help you gather, document, and present this information to the SS Administration. What disabilities or conditions qualify for benefits? Several medical conditions can render you unable to work and thereby qualify you for disability benefits. Some common conditions include these:

  • Mental illnesses
  • Heart conditions
  • Lung diseases
  • Cancers
  • Back injuries, disorders, and surgeries
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Blindness
  • Anxiety
  • And others

Discuss your condition one-on-one with your lawyer to determine whether your specific condition qualifies. Will I receive the medical attention I need? While in the process of filing or appealing for disability benefits, it is essential for you to continue receiving the medical attention your condition requires. Your medical provider should be aware at all times of your symptoms and limitations. The more details your provider has about your condition, the more evidence and support your provider will be able to produce for your case. What is the fee for a disability attorney? Until we are able to win your case for Social Security disability benefits, you will not pay any fee. If we win your case, then a percentage of your compensation will pay for the services of our Social Security disability attorney in Baton Rouge. This compensatory payment varies by case, so speak to your attorney personally. You will not have to pay for any legal expenses, time, court fees, or anything else, so contact our office to get started now.