Safety Tips for Teen Drivers From a Car Accident Lawyer in Shreveport

Despite the fact that teen drivers spend less time on the road on average than adults, statistics show that their risk for being involved in an automobile crash and dying in a car wreck are disproportionately high. According to 2014 data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHI), auto accidents were the leading cause of death for U.S. teens (13-19-year-old males and females). The risk of suffering a car crash death is significantly higher for teens between 16-17 years old. The IIHI reports that the U.S. motor vehicle accident fatality rate for 16-19-year-olds is almost three times higher than the rate for drivers age 20 years and over. These shocking numbers reflect very serious concerns of risky driving behaviors among teens and simply inexperience behind the wheel. May is National Youth Traffic Safety Traffic Month and the team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Shreveport wants to help keep our teen drivers safer on the roadways. Below are a few important tips from a car accident lawyer in Shreveport for helping teens drive more safely.

Have Your Teen Take Extra Driving Instruction and Safety Courses. The reality is that teen drivers are just far less capable because they have fewer driving years under their belt. There is are great benefits of having driven for decades – you gain lots of useful insights into the common dangers on the roads, aggressive driving tactics, stronger driving skills, as well as an overall superior awareness of other drivers. More experienced drivers may be better able to spot potential hazards around them and have improved response time. Older drivers also tend to practice more caution than younger drivers. Getting your new driver additional professional driving instruction above and beyond what is required will help equip them for many different highway scenarios and strategies for safer driving. One-on-one driving trainers can give your teen more supervised hands-on experience behind the wheel so they are better prepared for driving in the car on their own. Most basic driver’s education programs offer only minimal time for new drivers on the road to practice in real-life situations. Ride With Your Teen Driver to Discover (and Correct) Potentially Bad Habits. If your teen gets their license and you never spend time in the passenger seat riding along with them, you’ll never really have a good understanding of areas where their driving skills may be weak or they may be developing risky driving habits. Make sure you are having your teen drive you places in the car to monitor how they’re doing and help them recognize unsafe driving habits to then make necessary adjustments. Unfortunately, sometimes tragic mistakes do happen, and when you need a car accident lawyer in Shreveport, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys can provide the guidance you need.

Discuss Distracted and Drunk Driving and Set Expectations. It’s crucial to have an open and honest dialogue with your teen about the life-threatening hazards of using a cell phone while driving and drunk driving. Consider having your teen sign a distracted driving pledge to make your agreement more formal. Be realistic and let your teen know that while you don’t condone them drinking if they are ever in that situation they can always call you for a safe ride home. And perhaps most importantly set a good example. Don’t text or use your mobile device while operating your car and never drive while intoxicated. Driving is a privilege and it’s vital to hold your teen accountable for bad driving behaviors to keep them safe on the road. There is no question that a disagreement or punishment is better than your teen being severely injured or losing their life in a car accident in Shreveport.

Get A Car Accident Lawyer in Shreveport to Protect Your Family’s Rights

Now is the perfect time to talk with the young drivers in your household about avoiding dangerous driving habits to prevent car wrecks and potentially save lives. Even the safest teen drivers can still be hurt due to another person’s negligence. If your child has been hurt in a crash, contact a car accident lawyer in Shreveport to ensure your family is protected. The expert Louisiana injury law firm of Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has more than 25 years of expertise in handling all kinds of Shreveport car wrecks. If your teen has suffered injuries in a collision caused by a reckless driver, a car accident lawyer in Shreveport will help you understand what the law says you deserve. Our team is standing by 24/7 to take your call at 318-300-0000. Your consultation is completely free and you won’t pay for a cent unless we win your case.