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After a collision, call a Shreveport car accident lawyer for advice on what to do next.

As the biggest city in North Louisiana, Shreveport sees plenty of traffic every year. Of course, with all of that traffic comes a heightened risk of traffic accidents. In 2020, there were over 1,500 motor vehicle crashes in Shreveport Parish, resulting in over 2,000 injuries. Most of these were caused by drivers running red lights in dangerous intersections.

If you’re the victim of a Shreveport car accident, you could be facing thousands in car repair costs, medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and more. You deserve reparations for the pain and suffering you’ve endured due to the carelessness of another.

You need a Louisiana car accident lawyer who will help you fight for your rights as a victim. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys are Shreveport personal injury lawyers with decades of experience helping victims of automobile accidents get the compensation they need to move on with their lives. Call our Shreveport injury law firm at 318.888.8888 for a free consultation about your case.

Who Is Liable for a Car Accident?

Louisiana law employs a method called pure comparative negligence to determine liability for many personal injury cases. Basically, pure comparative negligence means that more than one party can be found responsible for an accident, each of whom are liable for a share of the damage based on how much of the fault is theirs.

Applying this doctrine to your case has the following consequences:

  1. A number of parties could owe you compensation for the losses you’ve experienced, including
    • Other drivers in the crash
    • Their employers
    • Government agencies
    • Car manufacturers
    • Auto repair shops
    • and others
  2. Even if you’re found partially liable in the accident, you could still be awarded some damages. For example, if you’ve suffered $10,000 of damages in a car wreck but are found 50% liable, you can still be awarded $5,000 from the other party.

With multiple, variously liable parties holding multiple insurance policies, finding fair compensation for your injuries can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why you need an experienced Shreveport personal injury attorney to handle your case, guiding it through negotiation and even litigation if need be.

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Car Wreck Compensation to Expect

Every car wreck injury case is different, but there are some common damages that many victims are able to recover:

Various types of personal injury can be included on a claim after a Shreveport accident.
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Current and future lost wages due to the inability to work
  • Pain and suffering from injuries sustained in the accident
  • Property damages

These are called recoverable damages, which also include wrongful death damages if you’ve lost a loved one due to a traffic accident:

  • Expenses related to the funeral and burial
  • Loss of support and protection from the deceased
  • Loss of wages and other benefits the deceased provided
  • Loss of consortium

Another type of damage is much less common, but can be rewarded in extreme cases. Called punitive damages, these are intended to punish the defendant and discourage the behavior that led to the accident.

When you’ve been injured in a car accident near Shreveport, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to examine the evidence of your case and estimate the compensation you could be entitled to. You’ll also want a firm with a history of results for their clients.

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for thousands of clients over decades of Louisiana legal practice. We’re confident we can help you find the compensation you need to move on from your injuries after a car accident. We’ve helped plenty of other clients, and we can help you too.

Types of Shreveport Car Accident Injury Claims

There are three main types of claims resulting from a car accident, and your case could fall under one or more of these, depending on the details of your accident.


The most common traffic accident claim is negligence: the liable party neglected their duty of care to your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road. Examples of negligent driving include drunk driving, aggressive driving, and distracted driving.

Product Liability

If failed brakes, blown-out tires, or other mechanical failures caused your car wreck, you could be entitled to product liability damages. Product liability refers to poorly-made or failing products that cause injury, and can hold the manufacturer or a mechanic liable for your injuries. Product liability cases can also include malfunctioning airbags, seat belts, and other safety features.

Wrongful Death

If you lost a partner, parent, child, or another family member or loved one in a car crash, you could be entitled to compensation through Louisiana’s wrongful death statutes. While you can’t get your loved one back after a deadly car accident, a wrongful death claim could help you pay for their funeral and burial, and help make up for the ongoing monetary losses caused by their absence.

How a Police Report Can Help Your Claim

While a police report isn’t required to file a personal injury claim, a police report serves as a crucial piece of evidence in your case. You should always report crashes to the Shreveport Police Department, and in fact Louisiana requires you to report crashes involving

A woman and police officer survey the damage after a car accident in Shreveport.
  • Drunk driving
  • Bodily injury
  • Death
  • Property damage over $500

The details of your police report will serve as a definitive record of your accident. If you don’t have an official report, the insurance company and jury will have to weigh your word against the other party’s. That can result in a weaker case and less compensation for your losses.

When Should I Hire a Shreveport Car Accident Attorney?

To maximize the compensation you can recover from your claim, call an experienced car wreck attorney as soon as possible after your accident. When you hire Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to work on your case, we’ll start helping you right away! Our capable attorneys can help you with multiple areas of your case, including

  • Collecting evidence of your losses
  • Determining how big of a settlement to seek
  • Negotiating with other parties for a fair settlement
  • Appealing a denied insurance claim
  • Taking your traffic accident injury claim to court, if need be

If you haven’t hired a lawyer yet, don’t worry—it’s never too late to give Gordon a call.

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The compassionate lawyers with Gordon McKernan are dedicated to getting you the financial compensation you need to heal and move on with your life. Hire the Get Gordon team to secure the protection you deserve. With our G Guarantee, you’ll pay nothing until we win or settle your case. 

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