How Long Will it Take to Settle my Car Crash Case?

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Every car accident case is different, and there is no definite time frame for how long your accident injury case will take to settle. However, depending on the crash, cases can last as little as one month or all the way up to several years. It’s vitally important that you take action and contact a car accident injury lawyer immediately following your wreck. That’s the only way to ensure you gain all the compensation you’re entitled to, as quickly as possible.

The severity of the injuries you sustained will impact the claim timeline as well. Some insurance companies will settle cases before going to court, but if negotiations don’t result in agreement, your case could go to court for trial.

Ultimately, this answer depends on two factors:

  • Injuries: the more serious your injuries are, the more treatment you’re going to need. If your injuries require surgery, for example, we have to see if the surgery is successful.

Insurance companies: Some insurance companies are harder to work with than others; they’re going to do everything they can to deny your claim.