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An Alexandria car accident leaves two cars heavily damaged.

Alexandria is almost in the dead center of the state of Louisiana. Because of this and its culture and charm, thousands of cars, trucks, and other vehicles move through Alexandria, Pineville, and the rest of Rapides Parish every year.

Sadly, some of these visitors experience devastating car crashes that can change their lives. If you’ve been in an Alexandria car accident, you could be dealing with pain, increased bills, lost wages, and worse. If your car accident was caused because of another’s negligence, you have the right to hold them responsible.

You need a car accident injury lawyer with the experience for results and the passion to stand up on your behalf. The Alexandria car accident lawyers with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have decades of experience helping car wreck victims find the compensation they need to heal.

How Car Accident Liability Is Determined

According to our expert injury lawyers, Louisiana law outlines a method called pure comparative negligence for determining liability in personal injury cases. Pure comparative negligence is a doctrine that assigns liability to each party according to their role in causing the accident, meaning that there can be multiple liable parties that each need to pay damages.

Applying this doctrine to your personal injury case can mean the following:

  1. More than one party could owe you compensation for the losses pertaining to your injuries:
    • Other drivers contributing to the crash
    • The other drivers’ employers, if they were driving as part of their job
    • Government entities
    • Car manufacturers
    • Auto repair shops
    • and others
  2. Even if you’re found partially liable for the accident, you could still be awarded some of your sought damages. For example, say you’ve been found 25% liable in an accident where you suffered $20,000 in damages. Even though you were partially at fault, you’re still entitled to $5000 from the other party.

One drawback of the pure comparative negligence doctrine is that it can complicate personal injury cases. Multiple parties and their insurance companies held liable for your injuries means you have to track down multiple people and make claims with all of them. Because these claims can be so complex, it’s important to find a competent Alexandria car wreck lawyer to help you recover your losses.

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Types of Car Accident Claims in Alexandria

Louisiana state law lays out three main categories of damages for car wreck and truck wreck injury victims, and which strategy your lawyer will pursue depends on which of these categories applies. To maximize your compensation, you’ll need an experienced personal injury lawyer to guide your case.


A man calls his Alexandria car accident lawyer after a rear-end collision.

The most common type of damages sought in car accident claims is negligence, usually of the other driver. All drivers have a duty of care to ensure the safety of themselves and of others on the road by following the rules of the road and keeping alert to changing conditions. Examples of negligence cases include drunk driving, aggressive driving, and distracted driving.

Product Liability

If failing brakes, blown-out tires, or an engine failure led to your car crash, you could have a product liability case. These cases involve poorly-made or maintained products that cause injury.

The manufacturer of your vehicle, or the company that last serviced it, has a duty of care to ensure your car works to certain standards. If they don’t, and if you’re involved in a wreck because of a faulty product, they could be held liable for your injuries.

Wrongful Death

If you’ve lost a loved one, including your parent, partner, child, or sibling, in a car crash, you may be able to seek compensation through Louisiana’s wrongful death statutes. While no amount of money can get your loved one back, a wrongful death case can help you pay for their funeral and burial. It can also help cover lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs that they can’t help with any more.

What Compensation Can I Expect After an Alexandria Car Wreck?

Every personal injury claim is different, which is why you need a well-versed Alexandria car accident lawyer to examine the evidence and determine what your compensation could be.

Recoverable damages you may be entitled to after a car accident include

  • Current and future lost wages
  • Damages to your property
  • Medical expenses, including treatment, therapy, and hospitalization
  • Pain and suffering

In addition, if someone you loved died in a car accident, you could be entitled to wrongful death damages:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of benefits, like wages, previously provided by the deceased
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of support and protection

Rarely, courts award punitive damages to punish the defendant and disincentivize them from their risky behavior in the future. Punitive damages are usually only awarded in extreme cases of neglect or wrongdoing.

What Gordon Mckernan Injury Attorneys Can Do for You

When choosing a personal injury law firm for your case, you need a firm with a history of results for their clients. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for thousands of clients, over decades of practicing law in Louisiana.

We’re confident that we can help you find the compensation you need to heal from your injuries and move on with your life. We genuinely care about every client we help—that’s why we offer the G Guarantee: if we don’t solve your case, you don’t pay a dime.

Do I Need a Police Report to File a Claim?

Police vehicles with lights at night. The law requires certain Louisiana car accidents to be reported to the police.

A police report is not strictly necessary when filing an insurance claim for your car wreck injury. However, the police report can serve as a crucial piece of evidence in your case. In fact, Louisiana law requires you to report crashes involving drunk driving, bodily injury, death, or property damage over $500 to the police.

In every case, the official police report provides a definitive record of your accident. If you don’t have it, insurance companies, judges, and juries will weigh your word against the other driver’s, which will result in a weaker case.

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