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Industrial Accident Lawyer in Zachary, Louisiana

An industrial worker uses a wrench while performing maintenance on machinery

If you live or work near Zachary, Louisiana, it’s likely that you either work in the heavy industrial sector or know someone who does. Industries as diverse as manufacturing, food production, oil drilling and refining, and petrochemicals are all based in Louisiana.

In the energy sector, Louisiana ranks second for crude oil production and third for natural gas production in the country. These industries offer hundreds of high-paying jobs, as well as millions of dollars in revenue for our state. However, the jobs they provide are dangerous with high accident rates.

Some of these workplace accidents can be accounted for by the dangerous nature of the jobs. However, too many of them are caused by negligent owners or operators of the plants and factories where the accidents happen. Tragically, management often focuses on profit margins instead of worker safety, and the workers and their families ultimately pay the price.

Unsafe environments in industrial settings, caused by a lack of oversight, training, or safety protocols, can easily cause industrial accidents. These are disasters generally caused by negligence or incompetence that can affect dozens or even hundreds of people. If you or a loved one has been victimized by an industrial disaster, contact one of the personal injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys.

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What Industries Are the Biggest in Louisiana?

Louisiana’s economy depends on heavy industry, which employs thousands of Louisianans and generates millions, if not billions, in revenue for the state. There are plenty of industrial businesses that call Louisiana home:

  • The energy industry employs over 250,000 Louisiana workers, 44,500 of which have a six-figure salary or higher. Companies in this sector include oil refineries like ExxonMobil and Shell as well as natural gas companies, pipeline companies, and others.
  • According to a report by Industry Select, the manufacturing industry employs over 175,000 people concentrated in the urban centers Baton Rouge, Houma, Shreveport, New Orleans, and Lafayette.
  • The chemical processing industry, led in Louisiana by industry giants Dow and BASF, is crucial for the plastics, additives, and other chemicals that make up the ingredients to modern life.
  • Food manufacturing and processing is one of Louisiana’s biggest industries—no surprise, with the focus our culture places on food. Food manufacturers in Louisiana include the McIlhenny Company, Reily Foods, and Community Coffee.
  • Other industries include metal fabrication, industrial machinery, defense, mining, lumber and logging, and more.

While all of these industries provide plenty of opportunity for Louisiana workers, they also provide physically demanding, dangerous jobs that can subject employees to many risks.

Common Louisiana Industrial Accidents

An industrial plant with silver silos and pipes shining in the sun

Because of the dangers industrial workers face daily, injuries are fairly common in industrial workplaces. While no job is without risk, the following accidents are much more common in an industrial setting:

Common Types of Industrial Injuries in Louisiana

The above accidents can cause serious, even catastrophic injuries—including the following:

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