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If you or a loved one has suffered abuse in a Gonzales nursing home, it doesn’t matter whether that abuse was intentional or not. The end result—broken families, mistrust of institutions, and greatly decreased quality of life for the most vulnerable in your family—is the same.

Nursing homes have an important responsibility to care for the infirm, the aging, and the disabled. When they fail to live up to that promise, whether through lack of oversight, employee indifference, or even intentional actions, the victims and their families deserve remuneration. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

If you think you could have a potential personal injury case, or if you just want to talk with a seasoned nursing home abuse injury lawyer, call Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys at 225.888.8888 today for a free consultation. We’ve been helping victims of nursing home abuse and their families for over three decades. See what we can do for you—contact us today.

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How Can Gordon McKernan Help with My Nursing Home Abuse Case?

Families trust nursing homes and assisted living centers to care for their loved ones. The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is not one families take lightly, and is almost always the result of an inability to care for them at home. Many nursing home residents require assistance with basic tasks, including eating, bathing, moving around, and others.

Tragically, many assisted living facilities fail to provide an acceptable level of care to their patients. Some have negligent hiring or training practices, others underpay or overwork their employees, and even when the home does everything right, some caretakers are simply abusive.

Abuse and neglect in nursing homes is unfortunately common in Gonzales, throughout Louisiana, and across the country. When and if that abuse happens to your family, it’s vital to find out who’s responsible so you can get justice.

The personal injury lawyers with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have over 679+ years of combined legal experience fighting for Louisiana victims of nursing home abuse and their families, and we can help you too. We understand how devastating these cases can be, which is why we do everything in our power to maximize your compensation. We’ll do everything in our power to help your case including

  • Coordinating an in-depth investigation into your loved one’s abuse or neglect
  • Determining if the nursing home or caretakers have been the subjects of formal complaints before
  • Working with experts to determine the extent of your loved one’s injuries and the value of your claim
  • Helping you make the tough decisions, such as accepting settlement offers
  • Representing your interests in court if we’re unable to reach a fair settlement

Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can take many different forms, from the discreet to the obvious. The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) reports that there are seven distinct types that commonly occur in nursing homes. All of these are in some way harmful to residents under the care of nursing home workers:

An elderly man looking sadly out a window at a nursing home.
  • Physical abuse such as kicking, pushing, punching, shoving, or rough restraints
  • Psychological and emotional abuse includes insulting, isolating, controlling a patient, or threats
  • Medical malpractice, including giving a patient the wrong dosage of medications or failing to give them a vital medication altogether
  • Abandonment of residents for hours or days
  • Sexual abuse of residents is more common than many want to admit, and can result in genital bruising, venereal disease or infection, and other problems
  • Financial exploitation involves using an infirm person for their finances, for example by forging signatures, withdrawing or transferring funds without authorization, and plain theft

If you suspect your loved one is suffering any of these abuses, don’t delay—call the experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys at 225.888.8888 for a free consultation.

Nursing home neglect is a wider classification of crimes than abuse, and can include other actions such as failing to report injuries, failing to accommodate residents’ needs, or otherwise failing to meet the requirements of an assisted living facility.

How Can I Tell If My Loved One Is Being Abused or Neglected?

If you’re concerned your family member is being abused or neglected at their assisted living home or nursing home, there are a number of signs to look out for. Neglect can be evidenced through the appearance of unexplained injuries, such as

In the worst scenarios, a patient can experience a wrongful death if they’re neglected.

It’s the responsibility of your loved one’s care facility to create a safe environment for them and for the rest of their residents. Tragically, some nursing homes and assisted living homes tolerate malpractice and other forms of abuse, leading to injury and worse.

While the vast majority of nursing homes are trustworthy caretakers, always be on the lookout for the following symptoms from your loved one that could indicate they’re being abused:

  • Behavioral or mood changes, including depression, anxiety, or anger
  • Signs of neglect, such as unlivable or unkempt living spaces or unreported injuries
  • Accidental or unexplained injuries such as bruises or bed sores
  • Unexplained medical bills

No one should have to worry about their parents’, grandparents’, or other family members’ health, especially if that family is living at a nursing home. If you notice any of the signs above, or if you otherwise suspect your loved one is being harmed at their Gonzales assisted living facility, reach out to Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation. We can help you gather the evidence you’ll need to build your case.

What to Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse in a Louisiana Nursing Home

If you suspect your loved one is suffering nursing home neglect or abuse, you need to report your suspicions to Louisiana Elderly Protective Services immediately. Louisiana’s Abuse and Neglect of Adults Act classes the failure to report elder abuse and nursing home neglect a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500 and jail time of six months.

Gordon McKernan, head of Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys in Gonzales

After you’ve discovered abuse, you’ll have one year to file a negligence claim and seek reparations. Because of this short time frame, you should also call an experienced nursing home neglect attorney as soon as possible.

The Gonzales elder abuse lawyers with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys are committed to helping families in Louisiana recover the compensation they need to help their abused loved ones get back on their feet. We offer free consultations from our Gonzales law office, so give us a call today at 225.888.8888 to keep your loved one, and other elders, from experiencing harmful abuse in the future.

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