Angel Reese Talks National Championship Goal on “Grubbin’ with G”

Gordon McKernan and Angel Reese chat about Reese’s journey from Maryland to NCAA Champion, Coach Kim Mulkey and more during “Grubbin’ with G” podcast episode. 

Grubbin’ with Angel Reese

Gordon McKernan dined with NCAA Champion Angel Reese for a “Grubbin’ with G” episode weeks before NCAA National Championship win.

In the episode, McKernan and Reese sat down for a meal at Phil’s Oyster Bar, a local Baton Rouge eatery known for its seafood. Gordon opened the discussion by stating his hope that the episode would provide the people of Louisiana with an opportunity to get to know Reese better. 

Born and raised in Maryland, Reese started her college basketball year at the University of Maryland. After two seasons with the Terrapins, Reese was hungry for something greater. During the episode, she said, “a national championship is of course the top goal.” As fate would have it, the LSU Women’s Basketball team would win the 2023 NCAA National Championship just a few weeks after recording the episode.  

As they dined, McKernan and Reese discussed a variety of topics, ranging from Reese’s opinion that Maryland has the best crabs to her feelings toward Coach Kim Mulkey.  

When asked about Coach Mulkey, Reese said, “She’s one of the realest coaches. She’s not going to tell you what you want to hear. She’s going to tell you what’s best for you and your career.” 

Reese’s talent on the court is matched only by her drive to succeed, making her a role model for young athletes everywhere. With her drive, determination, and natural talent, Angel Reese is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

Angel Reese, Angel Reese Talks National Championship Goal on “Grubbin’ with G”