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If you’ve been burned, your treatment could be anything from a bandage to multiple surgeries and years of rehabilitation, depending on your burn’s severity. Whenever you’ve been the victim of an injury, it’s important to be prepared—but burns can be physically painful and emotionally draining. They can cost thousands of dollars in treatment, medication, and ongoing therapy; they can keep you from working or enjoying life; they can lead to lifelong disfigurement and scarring.

Tragically, burn injuries are also some of the more common injuries suffered by many of our clients. Burns can be caused by any of the following:

  • Excessive heat or fire
  • Chemical exposure
  • Electrocution
  • Too much sun
  • and other causes

If you’ve suffered a burn injury, call a Baton Rouge burn injury lawyer with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys for a free consultation. We represent clients in Baton Rouge, Central, Zachary, Denham Springs, and throughout Louisiana, and you can trust that we’ll give your case the attention it deserves.

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Types of Baton Rouge Burn Injuries

According to the American Burn Association, approximately 450,000 people suffer major burns in the U.S. every year. Burn injuries are also one of the leading causes of injury and death: in 2016, over 3,000 people died from burn injuries. Even those who survive can suffer permanent scarring and disability.

Inhalation Injuries Caused by Fires

During fires, volatile compounds and toxic fumes are released into the air along with smoke, ash, and other material. Any of these materials can damage a victim’s eyes, skin, and especially their respiratory system. If the victim previously suffered from heart or lung disease, toxic exposure can severely aggravate the condition.

The following symptoms are associated with inhalation injuries from fires:

  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Headaches
  • Irritated or scratchy throat or sinuses
  • Phlegm
  • Runny nose
  • Shortness of breath

There are three main ways that inhalation injuries occur:

  • Heat inhalation, when hot air is breathed or forced into the lungs, can burn them—though the damage is usually limited to the upper airway
  • Smoke inhalation, which is less visible than heat or toxin inhalation but causes 60–80% of burn injury fatalities
  • Toxin inhalation, can inhibit the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, leading to confusion, unconsciousness, and permanent organ damage
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First-degree Burns

First-degree burns are quite common, but thankfully relatively minor. You’ve likely suffered a first-degree burn if you’ve bumped into a curling iron, touched a hot pan without thinking, or stood too close to a fire. Treating first-degree burns is fairly simple: cool running water, protecting the wound with a bandage, and pain medication to help with swelling and pain. First-degree burns can be treated at home and should heal on their own.

Second-degree Burns

Second-degree burns are more serious and affect the top two layers of skin. Whether you can treat a second-degree burn at home or need to seek medical attention depends on its size: if it’s under three inches across, it probably won’t need professional intervention.

If you do treat your second-degree burn yourself, don’t use ice, and don’t pop any blisters that form. You should also avoid all topical ointments unless they’re okayed by a doctor, as those could lead to irritation or infection.

Common symptoms of second-degree burns include blistering, severe pain, swelling, redness, and a splotchy appearance. If your burn becomes infected, seek medical attention immediately.

Third- and Fourth-degree Burns

The most severe types of burns, third- and fourth-degree burns can affect all layers of the skin, as well as underlying tissues like fat, muscles, connective tissue, and even bone. These burns can also damage nerves, causing numbness and tingling in the burned area.

Severe burns such as these are usually caused by prolonged contact with flames, such as during a building fire. You could also experience smoke inhalation injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other issues if you’ve suffered a third- or fourth-degree burn.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe burns, immediately call 911. These burns require immediate medical care. Do not remove anything covering the burn, and do not use water to treat the wounds. Instead, elevate the affected area and wait for first responders to arrive.

Symptoms of third- and fourth-degree burns can include charring, leathery, stiff, or waxy appearance, and tingling or numbness due to destroyed nerves.

What Causes Burn Injuries?

picture of orange, red, and yellow flames

Burn injuries are among the most common injuries suffered by Americans, and fires kill more people each year than any other kind of natural disaster. Some of the most common causes of burn injuries include

  • House fires, which can be caused due to neglect, poor fire safety, defective products, and other causes
  • Traffic accidents, including car accidents, truck wrecks, and motorcycle accidents can cause fires when the gasoline in their tanks catch fire or explode, leading to explosions, burns, and smoke inhalation
  • Industrial fires and other accidents are common in Louisiana in general, and Baton Rouge specifically, because of the booming oil, gas, and chemical industries here, and can cause toxic chemical exposure, serious burns, and more
  • Work accidents can cause burns in any industry, for example from hot surfaces, exposed electrical wires, hot oils or liquids, and improper insulation

No matter where you work, you can be at risk for burns due to your employer’s negligence. If you’ve suffered a burn injury at work, you may be entitled to financial compensation beyond your worker’s comp claim. Call an experienced Baton Rouge burn injury lawyer with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to discuss your legal options today.

Treatments for Burn Injuries

A burn victim needs medical attention immediately. While using water to cool the burn can reduce its pain and depth, too much can lead to hypothermia due to the victim’s shock. For minor burns, bandages and pain medication should be sufficient. However, for more major burns, additional treatment will be necessary. Possible treatments for serious burns can include

  • Intravenous fluid drip
  • Skin grafts
  • Antibiotics
  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Amputation

Luckily, modern medical advancements have made surviving a burn much more likely, and treatments more effective. Victims can often return to a mostly-normal life after their burn injuries, though some suffer ongoing impacts on their quality of life.

Why You Should Hire a Baton Rouge Burn Injury Attorney

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Call us today to hold the people responsible for your burns accountable for their negligence. We’ll help you as you begin on your path back to health.

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