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Construction Accident Lawyer in Louisiana

Louisiana is a growing state, and with that comes a large number of active construction sites. Busy, active construction sites contain hazards that can lead to severe injury for both visitors and workers. From potential crushing hazards created by heavy equipment to increased slip and fall risk or the risk of something falling on a victim’s head, such hazards can result in severe injuries.

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Construction Accidents in Louisiana: Who Bears Liability?

Following a construction accident, your attorney will break down the circumstances that led to your accident and help identify the party that ultimately bears liability for your injuries. Liable parties may include the following.

The Company Responsible for the Construction Site

Often, construction companies have several construction companies or subcontractors working within the same site. The company responsible for oversight of the construction site may bear liability any time an accident causes serious injury on that site.

Subcontractors on the Site

While a single company may bear primary responsibility for the activities on that site, subcontractors may take on responsibility for specific areas of the site and, therefore, assume liability if a violation causes serious injury to a visitor to that area. For example, if an electrician leaves exposed wires that lead to electrocution, the electrician’s company may bear liability for those injuries.

An Equipment Manufacturer or Provider

Equipment malfunctions can prove particularly catastrophic on construction sites, where heavy equipment gets used regularly. Equipment malfunctions can lead to serious crushing damage, electrocutions, and amputations, as well as severely broken bones. Sometimes, the equipment manufacturer may bear liability for those malfunctions. In other cases, if the construction company rents the equipment, for example, the rental company may assume liability for injuries caused by poorly-maintained equipment.

Common Louisiana Construction Site Injuries

Construction site injuries can cause devastation and lifelong consequences.

Because of the host of dangers that can occur on construction sites, victims can suffer from:

Those injuries may interfere with the victim’s ability to complete their usual work tasks, including their ability to manage the tasks needed on a construction site. Often, construction site injuries lead to lifelong disability.

Some victims with traumatic brain injury, for example, may lose focus and concentration, which can make it incredibly difficult for them to take care of tasks at home or work. Victims with spinal cord injuries may lose a great deal of their independence, especially in the days immediately following the injury. Injuries like chemical and electrical burns can lead to long recoveries and lifelong scarring. Talk to an attorney to learn how the extent of your injuries may impact your claim.

Recovering Compensation After a Louisiana Construction Accident: What to Expect

Construction site injuries can leave you with substantial medical bills. Worse, you may not have the ability to return to work after your accident. Bills can pile up quickly. Your Louisiana construction accident claim can help you acquire much-needed funds to help pay for those bills, but how much should you expect?

The damages you can recover may depend on the party that bears liability for your injuries and the insurance policy carried by that party. An attorney cannot guarantee the specific compensation you will recover; however, most construction accident victims include the following.

Funds to Help Pay Your Medical Bills

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may have severe medical expenses resulting from your accident. Keep up with all medical expenses related to your construction site injuries so you can include them as part of your Louisiana construction accident claim.

You may have emergency medical expenses, including ambulance transport away from the site and treatment in an emergency room or urgent care center. You may then need to consider the specific treatments for your injuries, including tests, procedures, and surgeries. 

Finally, make sure you include the cost of therapy to aid in your recovery, including physical therapy and, if needed, occupational therapy. In some cases, if your injuries cause immense trauma, you may also choose to include the cost of psychological therapy to aid in your mental recovery.

Compensation for Lost Wages

Many victims cannot complete their usual duties on a construction site with severe injuries. Even if you do not work on a construction site, the injuries sustained on one may prevent you from going to work each day. You can include compensation for the wages lost due to your injuries as part of your Louisiana construction accident claim. If you suffer reduced wages due to part-time work as you return to work, you may also include compensation for the wages missing due to that lost time.

Besides, some injuries may permanently prevent you from returning to your former profession. In that case, you may include lost earning potential as part of your Louisiana construction accident claim.

Payment for Pain and Suffering

Construction site injuries can leave you in immense physical pain, especially in the days immediately after your accident. Not only that, you may find yourself with substantial emotional difficulties related to your injuries. For example, you may have trouble dealing with your inability to engage in the activities you once enjoyed, or you may lose many social activities and interests during your recovery.

Talk to us about any specific losses related to your injuries, including pain and suffering, lost enjoyment of life, lost ability to participate in specific activities with loved ones, or missed opportunities. In some cases, these losses can increase the compensation you receive.

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