How long does a motorcycle accident lawsuit take?

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While every motorcycle injury lawsuit is different, they can commonly take between several weeks to a few years to resolve. Multiple factors contribute to how long these types of personal injury claims take, including the length of your medical treatment, whether the insurance company cooperates, and more. An experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys will be able to help you determine an estimate after listening to your case.

How Your Injuries Can Impact the Length of Proceedings

Since motorcycles provide less protection than passenger vehicles, motorcyclists are often injured much more seriously than other drivers during an accident. In turn, more serious injuries can lead to longer resolution times for accident injury claims, for a few reasons:

  • Legal proceedings following an accident generally happen after the injured party has recovered, or mostly recovered, from their injuries. This delay helps to ensure the victim’s health, as well as to more accurately assess their total damages.
  • Generally, catastrophic injuries require more expensive procedures and treatments, leading to higher monetary damages. And the higher damages climb, the longer a personal injury case tends to take.

Injuries That Could Make Your Case Take Longer to Resolve

There are some types of injuries that can make motorcycle injury cases take a particularly long time to move through the courts. These injuries are generally associated with expensive treatments or long recovery times:

  • Certain bone fractures, such as compound bone fractures that break the skin, or bones broken in multiple places or shattered. These tend to take a long time to heal, require extensive surgeries, and may need years of rehabilitative physical therapy.
  • Traumatic brain injuries carry the risk of permanent effects on a victim’s life, including life-long disability or the inability to live alone or even advocate for themselves.
  • Spinal cord injuries are incredibly painful, in addition to being one of the most expensive injuries to treat. Victims rarely make a full recovery, even after repeated treatments and rehabilitation.
  • Severe injuries causing scarring, disfigurement, or disability all tend to take longer to litigate. Part of the reason why is the months or years of healing and rehabilitation the victim needs to go through before proceedings can begin.

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