What Happens When a Truck Driver has an Accident?

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Several things can happen. Depending on how severe the truck accident is, the laws and regulations in place, and the circumstances of the incident, many things can happen, including:

  • Emergency response – If the accident is catastrophic, the truck driver will most likely need medical attention, so emergency services like an ambulance and police will be brought to the scene.
  • Investigation – Police will usually investigate the scene to determine the cause and any potential contributing factors, like weather and road conditions as well as any mechanical issues with the truck. 
  • Insurance claims – The truck driver’s insurance company will most likely be contacted about the accident, and may also be responsible for paying claims related to the accident.
  • Legal Action – Depending on the severity of the accident, there can be legal proceedings such as a truck accident claim or even wrongful death claim.
  • And more

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