What is the Main Cause of Motorcycle Accidents?

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According to recent national studies, the main causes of motorcycle accidents are speeding and failure to yield the right-of-way, followed closely by driver distraction, tailgating, and improper passing. Most of the time, the driver of the passenger car is at-fault for the accident, though the motorcyclist suffers the majority of the injuries and property damage.

Even though environmental factors, such as slippery roads, inclement weather, animals, and others can contribute to a motorcycle accident, the vast majority of crashes are caused by human error, negligence, and recklessness, such as:

After a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist is much more likely to be injured or die than the passengers of the other vehicle. Motorcycles are smaller, lighter, and less-protective of their riders than passenger vehicles, leading to a higher incidence of the following injuries and damages for the motorcyclist:

Even if you think you’re uninjured following a motorcycle crash, your symptoms may not present for hours or even days. See a doctor or other medical professional as soon as possible after your wreck to be examined. You will be treated for any injuries you’ve suffered, and you’ll provide evidence that your wreck caused injury.

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