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Few injuries can change your life like one that leaves you paralyzed. You have to discover a new way of interacting with the world, and tasks that were once second-nature have to be re-learned. The added challenges of going about your day after a paralysis-causing accident can take a heavy toll on both you and your family.

Tragically, you may never return to the level of mobility you enjoyed before your accident. However, the paralysis injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys can at least help you focus on your recovery. We have helped catastrophic injury victims that have been paralyzed by accidents across Louisiana get the compensation they deserve. Our personal injury lawyers know what to expect in these unique cases.

If you have been paralyzed in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, call us at 888.501.7888. We will review the specific details of your case and provide you with a free case evaluation. The Get Gordon team believes no one should feel alone while they learn how to live all over again.

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Types of Paralysis

Paralysis refers to a reduction or total elimination of the usual signals from the nerves in the body to the brain. The symptoms can range from incomplete paralysis with only a decrease in sensation or mobility, to complete paralysis where nerve signals have ceased. In the second case, victims can neither feel nor move the affected body parts. While every paralytic injury is different, they are often a result of spinal cord injuries or head trauma. There are a few common types of paralysis.


Paraplegia is a condition that mainly affects the lower body, though it can also reduce some of the function of the arms and chest. The severity of paraplegia can vary. Some victims only experience a dulled sense of touch, but others can lose all sensation and motility in the affected area.

Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia

Quadriplegia and tetraplegia are two terms for the same condition, in which a victim loses some amount of function in both legs and arms. They might also lose some sensation in the torso. Quadriplegia is usually brought on by a spinal cord injury high on the spinal column. As with paraplegia, symptoms can be mild or severe, and a victim’s probability of recovering depends on many factors.

Other Types of Paralysis

Other types of paralysis include

  • Monoplegia, affecting just one limb
  • Hemiplegia, where the right or the left side of a victim loses functionality
  • The rare locked-in-syndrome that causes all motor function to stop, except for a victim’s eyes

Certain paralytic conditions are also often described by the specific nature of the symptoms they bring about, such as localized paralysis or spastic paralysis.

Our personal injury attorneys can help recover all or part of your medical and other expenses, no matter the extent of your paralysis. We have experience with head, neck, and spinal injury cases, and we have worked extensively with the insurers and courts in Louisiana. We can help you find the compensation you need to move on.

Paralysis Symptoms

A person experiencing symptoms of paralysis in their hand, clutching their palm

A paralytic injury is any injury, illness or trauma that results in a reduction in sensibility or mobility of the limbs, torso, or head. Symptoms can range from a mild dulling in one’s sense of touch to complete loss of sensation and control of the entire body. Involuntary twitching, muscle weakness, and stiffness are also commonly seen symptoms.

Since we still don’t know many things about how the brain and nervous system work, prospects for recovery are also widely varied. Some types of trauma can lead to permanent and irreversible paralysis, while others have seen victims make total or near total recovery. In these cases, intensive physical therapy and dedication by the victim are often cited as important factors.

Treating and rehabilitating these types of injury tends to be a very expensive endeavor. Our paralysis accident injury lawyers are here to help you get reimbursed for the costs you’ve incurred since your injury.

Causes of Paralysis

In the vast majority of cases, paralysis is caused by some sort of damage to the brain or spinal column. Some of the most common causes for paralysis include:

Whatever the cause, living with a paralytic injury requires a lot of hard work. As you begin putting your life back together, you need an advocate who’s committed to helping you get the financial resources you need.

Living with Paralytic Injury

The changes to a victim’s life after suffering a paralyzing injury go far beyond potentially being wheelchair-bound. They must re-learn how they go about almost every aspect of their daily activities. Transportation brings added challenges, as do relatively simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, and exercising. Depending on the extent of the paralysis, some of these may require hiring the services of a professional to accomplish.

Complications from Paralysis

A paralyzed person in a wheelchair using their hands to reposition their legs.

Hidden costs of Paralysis

The condition of paralysis can have impactful and long-lasting consequences for a victim and their loved ones. A paralyzed person is much more likely to wind up in the hospital for other medical issues that arise from their condition. These include infection, respiratory difficulties, or problems with blood circulation.

In addition, paralyzed people might be unable to work for months, years, or the rest of their lives. A personal injury claim can also include damages for lost wages, future medical care, and other costs.

If You’ve Been Paralyzed in an Accident, the Get Gordon Team Can Help!

Few injuries are as frightening and life-altering as one that results in paralysis. A victim must find new ways to do the things that used to be second-nature. What’s more, they might be mourning their loss of mobility. Plus, with expensive medical procedures, rehabilitation equipment, and services that paralytic injuries require, it can seem like too much for one person to deal with.

With 679+ years of combined legal experience fighting for the rights of accident injury victims in Louisiana, we have the knowledge to get you the compensation you need to recover. We will take the evidence collected regarding your accident and build a strong case as to why you shouldn’t be stuck with the bills. We will negotiate with the liable party’s insurance company for a fair settlement, and if we need to, we will argue for you in court.

If you or a loved one is experiencing paralysis from a personal injury, call the paralysis attorneys at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. With the Get Gordon team on your side, you can focus on the path to becoming well again. Call one of our compassionate lawyers at 888.501.7888 for a free consultation on how best to proceed with your case.

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