Houma Nursing Home Lawyer

nursing home resident looking out window

The heartbreaking consequences of nursing home neglect cast a shadow of devastation, leading to profound suffering such as serious injuries, declining health, and a cruel diminishment in the quality of life for our elderly loved ones who deserve nothing less than tender, compassionate care.  Grasping the gravity of nursing home neglect is not just important—it’s…

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Houma Slip Injury Lawyer

slip and fall sign on bridge

Houma is undeniably a wonderful place to live and visit, known for its unique charm and welcoming community. However, even in such an idyllic setting, slip-and-fall accidents can happen unexpectedly, causing injuries and disruption in your life. When these unfortunate incidents occur, it’s essential to have the right support on your side. Should you find…

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Houma Work Comp Lawyer

man with neck brace reaching for item

If you’ve been hurt at work, you may be entitled to receive benefits through Louisiana’s Workers’ Compensation law. However, if your employer is dragging their feet or trying to claim your injuries aren’t as serious as they are, you need help from an experienced Houma workers’ compensation attorney. Injuries at work can be devastating, physically,…

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New Orleans Nursing Home Lawyer

Nurse exhausted on phone

New Orleans nursing home neglect is a deeply concerning issue that demands attention and action. It refers to the failure of caregivers or the facility itself to provide adequate care, attention, and support to vulnerable residents in nursing homes. This troubling problem can manifest in various forms, such as physical neglect, emotional abuse, medical negligence,…

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New Orleans

Hurricane map heading for NOLA

Here in New Orleans, we’re no strangers to the lasting and traumatic effects of hurricanes. Many in our community are still dealing with the aftermath of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, and more recent hurricanes like 2021’s Ida, with its cost of over $55 billion in damage and 107 deaths, will affect survivors and our state for…

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New Orleans Work Comp Lawyer

workers comp claim form

When you’re injured at work, problems can arise. So, if you’re getting the run-around, you may need to seek a New Orleans workers’ compensation lawyer. The workers’ compensation attorneys at know the law, the courts, and the best way to approach a workers’ comp claim. Every employer in Nola carries Workers’ Comp Insurance because it’s…

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New Orleans Industrial Lawyer

New Orleans Industrial Accident Lawyers, workers climbing

New Orleans is a vibrant city that thrives on its rich industrial heritage and robust manufacturing sector. Situated in the heart of Louisiana, New Orleans boasts a strategic location with easy access to major transportation networks, including a bustling port system and extensive pipeline network. With its low business costs and abundant natural resources, the…

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New Orleans Slip Injury Lawyer

slip and fall danger sign

If you’ve slipped and fallen on someone else’s New Orleans property, you could be eligible for compensation under Louisiana’s premises liability laws. Premises liability is the area of law that covers a property owner’s responsibility for injuries that occur on their property. Owners of a property, such as a hotel, apartment building, grocery store, or…

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New Orleans Motorcycle Lawyer

motorcycle on side of road from accident

Amidst the lively atmosphere, New Orleans’ iconic roadways are traversed by a myriad of vehicles, including motorcycles that weave through the historic neighborhoods and the bustling French Quarter. However, the undeniable allure of these two-wheeled machines also comes with inherent risks, as motorcycle accidents can cast a shadow on the vibrancy of this captivating city.…

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Denham Springs

tilting MPH sign from hurricane winds

Our team of experts knows the significant damage hurricanes can cause to homes and businesses in Denham Springs, Louisiana, which is located in Livingston Parish. Denham Springs has been affected by 17 hurricanes since 1930, with an average of one hurricane every 6.4 years. These hurricanes have caused an estimated $316 million in property damage…

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house demolished from hurricane

If you live in Gonzales, you’re probably already aware of hurricane season and the potential harm it can bring.  As a matter of fact, Gonzales has been hit by a total of 4 hurricanes, the most recent one being Hurricane Isaac in 2012. Furthermore, the most severe hurricane that has hit Gonzales since 1930 was…

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Lake Charles

hurricane evacuation route sign

Hurricanes can be devastating, and Lake Charles, Louisiana is no stranger to their destructive power. If you’ve suffered damage from a hurricane, you should seek the guidance of an experienced Lake Charles hurricane claims lawyer to help you with your hurricane insurance claim.   At , we have a team of skilled hurricane claims lawyers who…

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hurricane eye from a birds eye view

Hurricanes happen in many parts of the world, and they definitely don’t shy away from Lafayette, Louisiana. In the event of a hurricane, it’s common for people to experience damage in a multitude of ways. If you have suffered damages due to a hurricane in Lafayette, you should seek the help of an experienced hurricane…

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Baton Rouge

debris and homes from hurricane

Did you know that hurricane Ida was the second-most damaging hurricane making landfall in Louisiana on record? During the storm and its aftermath, a total of 107 people passed away. Even those that survived, had to endure damage to their homes and livelihoods. Because storms are unfortunately common along the gulf coast, Louisianans prepare for…

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American Flag

Immigration Law is complex. Our bilingual lawyers can help, with up-to-date knowledge on the confusing system.

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Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation Injury Claim

It’s important to know your rights to receive compensation for work-related injuries. Our firm can take care of you.

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Hospital Hallway

Personal injury refers to any physical or mental harm you suffer through another’s negligence. Let our team help.

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Taxi Accident Attorneys

car accident blurred

Because they’re driven by professionals whose job is to keep you safe on your ride, taxi cabs are usually seen as safe and convenient forms of transportation, especially in large urban areas. However, taxi cab accidents are more common than you might be aware of. If you or a loved one was involved in a…

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Lyft Accident Attorneys

car accident blurred

Lyft is known throughout the United States and Canada for its bright pink moustache logo and easy-going, friendly approach to rideshares. Since the company was founded in 2012, it’s grown to become the second-largest ridesharing platform in the U.S., with only Uber making more rides year-over-year. Since ridesharing, also known as mobility-as-a-service, was introduced in…

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Uber Accident Attorneys

car accident blurred

In 2009, Uber (then called UberCab) burst on the scene in California as a modern, more convenient alternative to calling or hailing a taxi. Since then, it’s spread to cities, states, and countries around the world, and it’s spearheaded an entire ridesharing industry. Since being introduced, ridesharing services have made 11 billion trips in the…

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Louisiana Rideshare Accident Attorneys

car accident blurred

Rideshare companies like Uber, Lyft, and others have quickly changed the transportation landscape in Louisiana. Hailing a ride to the airport, a night out, or anywhere else is now as easy as opening an app on your phone and requesting it. However, the convenience provided by these ridesharing services belies a complex web of drivers,…

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Westlake Chemical Plant Explosion Injury Lawyers

On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, around 10:45 AM, an Ethylene Dichloride tank exploded at the Westlake Chemical plant by Lake Charles, injuring at least six reported victims. The explosion was felt in surrounding neighborhoods and clouds of billowing black smoke could be seen from miles away, worrying Westlake residents. Fires were extinguished around 11:30 AM,…

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Experienced Louisiana Hurricane Claims Lawyer

house destroyed, Experienced Louisiana Hurricane Claims Lawyer

According to our team of experts, 2021’s Hurricane Ida was the second-most damaging hurricane making landfall in Louisiana on record, behind only Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In addition, it’s the fifth-costliest hurricane on record, having caused $55 billion in damage in Louisiana alone. During the storm and its aftermath, a total of 107 people passed…

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