Who is Liable for My Truck Accident in Louisiana?

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Any person whose negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct caused the truck wreck may be held liable. Establishing liability for a truck accident, however, is often more complicated than it first may seem. Many parties beyond a CMV driver may be responsible for a wreck, including the truck driver’s employer, maintenance crews, and the truck manufacturer. 

Potentially responsible parties in a CMV accident, and common reasons why they may bear responsibility, include:

The truck driver for negligent or reckless driving, failure to obey traffic laws

The trucking company for failure to inspect, maintain, or repair trucks; improper adherence to driver shift lengths (leading to drowsy driving); or inadequate vetting or training of drivers, including ensuring drivers are properly licensed

Repair and maintenance subcontractors for faulty maintenance and repair

Packing and loading subcontractors for failure to pack and load cargo properly

Truck and component manufacturers for selling defective or unsafe vehicles or components or failing to recall faulty products appropriately

If you are at all confused about who is responsible for your truck accident in Louisiana, contact Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. We have experience working with all of these entities, and we know how to get you the compensation you deserve.