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From the I-10 and I-12 corridors that see thousands of cars a week, to the state and local thoroughfares Airline Highway, and Florida Boulevard, Baton Rouge sees some of the most traffic per year of any city its size. Even though cars and semi-trucks are safer now than ever, massive 18-wheeler tractor-trailers still pose a danger to other drivers. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could be caught up in an eighteen-wheeler truck accident in Baton Rouge.

If you are the victim of a truck accident, you need a Baton Rouge truck accident attorney on your side with the experience, drive, and passion to fight on your behalf. Trucking companies and their insurance companies know that fairly compensating truck crash victims hurts their bottom line—so they work hard to keep you from the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been in a truck accident and you’re not at fault, call the Louisiana truck accident lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to represent you when negotiating compensation or appearing in court.

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Common Causes of Big Truck Accidents

As is the case with most motor vehicle accidents, there can be a wide variety of causes behind semi-truck crashes. Alongside common causes such as driving under the influence or distracted driving, semi-truck crashes can be caused by a variety of unique circumstances including:

Types of Baton Rouge 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Injuries

An 18-wheeler and a car with a smashed windsheild by the side of the road after an accident

18-wheelers can weigh up to 20–30 times more than passenger cars, a fact that makes truck collisions truly dangerous. In 2021, 97% of people killed in two-vehicle crashes involving a passenger car and a large truck were occupants of the passenger vehicle. (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)

The injuries people suffer from a truck collision are varied and generally serious:

Head Injuries

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), TBIs are a major cause of disease and disability. Even when a victim does survive, they may experience memory loss, comas, or other permanent disabilities.

Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Many truck accidents deal direct damage to the spinal cord, causing temporary or permanent paralysis. Paralyzed victims often require wheelchairs or other assistive devices and are left unable to work, for years or even the rest of their lives. Many victims require long and expensive bouts of physical therapy just to get some of their previous ability back.
  • Paralysis can also weigh heavily on victims’ psyches, causing depression, irritability, anxiety, and other mental conditions. These conditions can also require ongoing therapy and can result in a loss of enjoyment of life and other non-economic damages.

Broken Bones

  • Skeletal fractures are highly common injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Beyond being extremely painful and taking a long time to heal, they can lead to an increased risk for other complications, including blood loss and increased infection risk.

Other Injuries Caused By 18-Wheeler Accidents

There are dozens of other injuries you could sustain following a Baton Rouge truck accident. Some of the most common include the following:

What to Do After You’ve Been in a Semi-Truck Accident

After you’ve been hit by a truck in Baton Rouge, Central, or Gonzales, you could be dazed, in shock, or in pain. If you are able to, you should safely move away from the flow of traffic and check the passengers of your vehicle for injuries. Then, follow these steps on what to do after being involved in an 18-wheeler crash:

A man calling for help next to his wrecked semi truck
  • Call 911 Immediately. Always call the police to assess the situation and collect statements from yourself and the other party, and if anyone is hurt, call an ambulance for life-saving help. Even if no one seems hurt, some injuries can take hours or even days to present symptoms—so it’s always a good idea to get examined.

  • Call Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys for a free consultation, or fill out our quick and easy form online to see if your case qualifies.

  • Once your case has been evaluated, our team gets to work right away on gathering evidence, building your case, and getting you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Statute of Limitations for Baton Rouge Truck Accidents

The Louisiana Civil Code Section 3492 outlines the Statute of Limitations for Baton Rouge truck accidents.

This law states that any civil action resulting from personal injury or death caused by a truck accident must be brought within one year of the accident date. The one-year period begins on the day the person was injured, or in the case of wrongful death, on the day of death.

It is important to be aware of the Statute of Limitations in Baton Rouge truck accident cases as it can significantly impact your case. It is important to speak with an experienced Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer as soon as possible following a crash to ensure you do not miss any deadlines. By talking with a Baton Rouge truck crash attorney, they will be able to help you understand all legal steps and requirements for your claim.

Maneuvering the Intricate Legal Landscape: Baton Rouge Trucking Regulations and Laws

Here are some steps for maneuvering the intricate legal landscape of Baton Rouge trucking regulations:

man filling out paperwork to file a wrongful death lawsuit
  • Familiarize Yourself with Speed Limits: Understand the varying speed limits, such as 25 mph in residential areas and 35 mph in commercial districts, to ensure compliance and safe driving.

  • Prioritize Vehicle Inspections and Licensing: All trucks entering the city must undergo thorough inspections before hitting the roads. Additionally, possessing the appropriate licenses is mandatory before embarking on any journey.

  • Mind the Weight Limits: Be aware that Baton Rouge enforces strict weight limits. Trucks should not exceed a gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds on city roads. Pay attention to specific axle weight limits, which vary based on the road being traveled, to avoid potential fines and penalties.

Uncovering Liability in Accidents: Investigating Trucking Companies and Drivers

When a truck-related accident occurs, an investigation is essential to uncover responsibility and determine liability. Typically, this investigation focuses on both the trucking company and the driver, aiming to identify any violations of laws or regulations.

Steps to Uncover Liability in Accidents Involving Trucking Companies and Drivers:

  • Driver Compliance Check: Assess whether the truck driver was adhering to state and federal laws. Review their logbook to ensure proper breaks were taken and verify their licensing and training credentials. If violations are identified, the driver can be held responsible for resulting damages.

  • Trucking Company Evaluation: Examine the company’s hiring, training, maintenance, and safety protocols. If negligence is found in providing proper training or ensuring truck maintenance, the company can also be held accountable for damages.

  • Seek Legal Counsel: Due to the complexity of legal processes following truck accidents, consider enlisting a qualified Baton Rouge semi-truck wreck lawyer. With their experience, victims can explore their legal rights and options, pursuing rightful compensation for injuries and damages sustained.

Truck Accident Compensation Claims You Could Be Eligible For

Compensation for big rig victims can range from the tens of thousands to the low millions of dollars, but there are a lot of variables that can determine the compensation you can expect from your case.

Talk to an experienced injury attorney to calculate the total costs of your damages, including the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, hospital and medical bills you incur, your past and future lost wages, your pain and suffering, and your attorney’s fees.

The Benefits of a Baton Rouge Semi Truck Accident Attorney

Navigating the aftermath of a semi-truck accident requires expert assistance. A Baton Rouge Semi-Truck Accident Attorney offers specialized expertise, ensuring accurate guidance through the legal process.

Their in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations, coupled with their negotiation skills, maximizes your compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Moreover, they meticulously gather evidence, bolstering your case and providing valuable emotional support as you cope with the aftermath.

Here’s How Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys Can Help You:

  1. Legal Guidance: Their specialized knowledge helps navigate complex legal processes.
  2. Evidence Collection: Meticulous gathering of evidence strengthens your case’s chances of success.
  3. Maximized Compensation: Skilled negotiators secure fair compensation for various financial burdens.
  4. Emotional Support: They provide guidance and support during the emotional aftermath, enabling focus on recovery.

Proven Results of Our Baton Rouge Truck Accident Lawyers

a line drawing of Gordon McKernan standing on a big truck

Our team of Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorneys at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have proven time and time again that we are the best in Louisiana with our unbeatable case results. We’ve secured over $3 Billion in recovery, showcasing our strong commitment to ensuring fair compensation for our clients. 

What sets us apart is our exceptional record of achieving 200+ Personal Injury Million+ verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases, which is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering substantial results. 

Our team also has a collective legal experience of more than 679+ years of combined legal experience, providing you with the confidence that our experienced professionals possess the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of truck accident cases and get you the justice you deserve.

It’s crucial to know the ins and outs of Baton Rouge’s trucking regulations before driving around the city. Both city and state laws contribute to a web of rules that drivers, regardless of experience, must comprehend before operating within the city. 

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Our team of Louisiana personal injury attorneys is dedicated to helping our community members heal after what can be a devastating event, which is why we won’t charge you a dime until we win or settle your case, that’s the G Guarantee.

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