Shreveport Explosion Lawyer


Louisiana depends on heavy industrial plants, oil refineries, and chemical processing plants for much of its economy. Even though the hardworking men and women at these plants form a vital part of Louisiana’s workforce, their employers too-often view them as expendable units of labor. When employers neglect to care for their employees’ safety, they greatly…

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Shreveport Wrongful Death Lawyer


If you’ve just lost a loved one due to an accident, illness, or injury, we offer our sincerest condolences for you and your family’s loss. Losing a family member through a traumatic accident is one of the hardest ordeals anyone can go through. When your loved one was killed because of someone else’s negligence or…

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Shreveport Motorcycle Lawyer

Motorcycle on Highway

Have you recently been injured in a Shreveport motorcycle accident? Call us today at for a free case evaluation by an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer with . We’ll listen to what happened to you and discuss the best way to seek compensation for your injuries from the responsible parties. The knowledgeable personal injury lawyers with…

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Shreveport Nursing Home Lawyer

a white older gentleman staring up in nursing home as nurse is talking to him

Have you or a loved one suffered abuse, intentional or not, in a Shreveport nursing home? Nursing homes have a solemn duty to care for their aging and infirm patients, and when an employee’s indifference, oversight, or intentional actions harm a resident, they and their family may be entitled to financial compensation. If you suspect…

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Shreveport Slip Injury Lawyer

Caution Tape Accident

If you’ve slipped, fallen, and been injured on someone else’s property, they could be held liable for your injuries. Premises liability is a part of personal injury law that deals with a property owner’s responsibility for injuries occurring on their property. In a premises liability case, you’ll need to prove that the defendant acted negligently…

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Shreveport Work Comp Lawyer

Workers' Compensation Injury Claim

Have you been injured on the job and are fighting to get your Shreveport Workman’s Compensation benefits? Are you unable to work and feeling hopeless? Are you worried about how you are going to provide for your family? The workers’ compensation attorneys at are on your side and we are here to help. Serving Shreveport…

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Shreveport Industrial Lawyer

Industrial Refinery

Louisiana is home to some of the largest petrochemical plants and advanced manufacturing facilities in the United States. In fact, the Energy Information Administration reports that Louisiana is a leading supplier of energy products in the country: Louisiana is second in the country when it comes to production of crude oil, and third in terms…

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Shreveport Maritime Lawyer

Maritime Oil Rig

The variety and extent of maritime workers in northern Louisiana is substantial: our state is home to hundreds if not thousands of seamen, roustabouts, roughnecks, derrickmen, drillers divers, captains, motormen, boatswains, crane operators, floormen, rig mechanics, tool pushers, and more. These men and women are crucial to the economy of Gulf Coast states like Louisiana,…

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Shreveport Truck Wreck Lawyer

big truck on highway

Sitting as it does on I-20 between Dallas and Jackson, and with many other highways running through it, Shreveport is a major Louisiana thoroughfare. Thousands of commercial trucks and millions of other cars drive on Shreveport highways each year, and the law of averages means that accidents are similarly common in the Shreveport area. While…

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Shreveport Car Wreck Lawyer

car wreck blurred

After a car accident, you can end up injured or unable to work, facing mounting medical bills, and unsure of where to turn for help. If you’re in this situation, you know how scary it can be. You need an experienced Shreveport car accident lawyer on your side to help you recover the compensation you…

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