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Louisiana Rollover Car Accident Lawyers

A rollover car accident in Louisiana might require the services of a personal injury attorney.

Rollover accidents can be some of the most serious car accidents on Louisiana highways. Rollovers happen when a vehicle flips onto its back or side, or in the worst instances, multiple times. They can result in serious injuries, major property damage, and more. If you’ve been impacted by a rollover accident caused by someone else, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

What Causes Rollover Crashes?

Rollover crashes can occur for a variety of reasons, though many include improper weight distribution or a high center of gravity. SUVs can be especially at risk of rollover accidents, especially if they’re overloaded.

The specific instances that can lead to a rollover crash can include the following:

  • A driver overcorrection — If a driver tries to avoid one hazard in the road and jerks the steering wheel too forcefully, they can cause the vehicle to flip.
  • Veering off the road — When a driver falls asleep at the wheel or otherwise loses attention, they can veer off the road and flip into a ditch.
  • Failing tires — These can be caused by bad brakes, badly-designed suspension, or tread defects as well.
  • Top-heavy vehicle — A top-heavy vehicle can be one that’s overloaded with luggage or other equipment on its roof, or even an SUV or minivan.
  • Aggressive drivingReckless and high-speed driving can easily lead to a rollover accident.

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Common Rollover Crash Injuries

Rollover crashes can cause a number of injuries, from the relatively harmless to the catastrophic. Common injuries resulting from rollover car accidents can include the following:

Severe injuries can result from rollover car accidents and are fairly common.
  • Bruises are extremely common and can happen from the rollover itself, or from the sudden pressure of safety features like seat belts and airbags.
  • Broken bones are also fairly common during rollover accidents, due to the violent rolling motion of the vehicle and how passengers can be slammed around its interior.
  • Head injuries can result in bruises, cuts, a fractured skull, or a traumatic brain injury. Depending on the type and severity of head injury, victims can be impacted for months, years, or even the rest of their lives.

Long-term Impacts of Rollover Accidents

Experiencing a rollover crash can have a lasting impact on victims’ lives. These can include

  • Financial struggles — these can result from a car accident due to a number factors: lost wages, medical costs, and car repair or replacement costs
  • Disabilities — these can result from severe injuries that never fully heal, making it harder or impossible to perform many of the activities that previously brought you joy
  • Lower quality of life — serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries, can permanently affect your quality of life, as well as disable you from working

While some long-term effects of car wreck injuries can be minimized by proper and timely treatment, others simply aren’t. Even the treatable effects of a rollover accident can lead to costly medical bills and other costs that you might be struggling to pay.

Damages You Could Be Entitled to After Your Rollover Car Accident

A rollover car accident can cause major damage to you and your vehicle, like this one.

These rollover crash injuries can cause extreme, lasting damage to yourself and your way of life. A competent injury lawyer will help you seek damages for those injuries, including for

  • Current and future treatment of your injuries
  • The wages and benefits you’ve lost due to your inability to work
  • Reduced future ability to earn a living, due to your ongoing disability
  • Damages to your property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Intangible losses, including loss of consortium, mental anguish, and others

How to Determine Liability in a Rollover Collision

In order to find the compensation you deserve after a rollover car accident, you need to prove another party’s fault, or legal liability. That might be another driver in a multi-vehicle collision. Even in a single vehicle rollover, the manufacturer of your vehicle or the government entity in charge of maintaining the road might be found liable.

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