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Louisiana Military Aircraft Crash Attorney

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Louisiana military aircraft members risk their lives daily because they operate aircraft in diverse environments which dramatically increases the probability of experiencing an aviation accident. Unfortunately, these types of accidents can result in catastrophic injury or even wrongful death.

Under no circumstances should our armed forces be exposed to mechanical breakdowns (due to faulty manufacturing components or design) or careless aircraft maintenance done by civilian contractors. Yet every year, the U.S. military experiences fatal military aviation crashes that often involve negligence and the need for Louisiana military lawyers.

If you’re a Louisiana military aircraft member that’s been injured, you can count on  Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to have your back. Our military aircraft attorneys have been practicing aviation laws in Louisiana for many years! So you can trust that we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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How Often Do Military Planes Crash?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), air traffic is expected to double over the next 20 years. As a result, this increase has a high possibility of raising the risk and frequency of military aircraft accidents. When military aircraft accidents do occur, they tend to result in more fatalities and injuries, and can even consist of extensive squabbling over insurance issues.

Furthermore, according to data compiled by Helihub, a recent year saw 133 helicopter crashes that resulted in 420 fatalities. Of the total number, 50 accidents and 246 deaths happened in a military helicopter crash, on U.S. soil, and in war zones. Take note that numerous military plane crashes in war zones go unreported, and as a result, data can be higher than the figures recorded.

Common Causes of Military Aviation Crashes in La

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When it comes to aviation accidents, it’s a top priority to identify the leading causes to hold the parties liable. No matter where the accident occurs, a lawsuit can be filed by a victim (or on behalf of one) if the party responsible is subject to U.S. laws through our judicial system. Some factors that contribute to military aircraft crashes include:

  • Pilot error
  • Negligent Maintenance
  • Air traffic controller error
  • Manufacturing defects

Aviation Accident Cases Gordon McKernan Can Help With

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At our firm, we’ve assisted clients injured in a range of aviation incidents, like a military aircraft crash. If you’re trying to decide on legal action after experiencing a military aircraft accident, a military lawyer at our firm can represent you in a range of aircraft incidents, like:

  • Commercial aircraft accidents
  • Mid-air collisions
  • Helicopter crashes
  • Air ambulance crashes
  • Aviation accidents due to defective parts or faulty maintenance
  • Plus others

Call us to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers if you or a loved one has injuries from a military aircraft crash. You can be rest assured that we’ll assist you and go over all your legal choices.

What Happens to Someone in an Aircraft Crash?

passengers using parachutes to escape crashing military plane

Louisiana military aircraft missions can turn into catastrophic injuries or wrongful death because of their weight, size, speed, and how high they are above ground. A person’s life can definitely be flipped upside down by what occurs to them in a  military airplane disaster. In fact, some frequent catastrophic injuries sustained while flying military aircraft include:

How to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Dealing with the loss of a loved one because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness can be extremely stressful and difficult. The trauma that automatically comes with these types of accidents puts the victim’s family in shock, major grief, and other intense feelings that are difficult to process. To file a wrongful death lawsuit in Louisiana, you should do the following:

FYI: All of the below relations also include those relations by adoption.

Part 1: Always note that wrongful death claims can only be filed by a restricted number of people. The following victims’ survivors can file:

  • The surviving spouse and/or children of the deceased or
  • If both spouse and children are dead, the surviving parents of the deceased or
  • If the spouse, children, and parents are dead, the surviving siblings of the deceased or
  • If the spouse, children, parents, and siblings are deceased, the surviving grandparents of the deceased

Part 2: Make sure you begin your claim within one year of the wrongful death accident since Louisiana has a one-year statute of limitations when it comes to bringing a wrongful death claim to court.

Part 3: Get in touch with a Louisiana Wrongful Death Lawyer from Gordon Mckernan Injury Attorneys so we can take on your claim with nothing but confidence and provide you with legal advice on what to do next.

Involved in a Military Aircraft Crash? It’s Time to Get Gordon!

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At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, we’re here to provide much-needed legal assistance for Louisianians involved in military aircraft accidents. We’re not afraid to pursue justice for military crash victims, you can trust that we have your best interest! Contact us for a free consultation about your case. We look forward to helping you gain the most compensation possible!

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