Home » FAQs » What Causes a Tire Blowout?

Tire blowouts can happen due to many reasons, such as:

  • Potholes or road debris that cause damage to the tire
  • Overinflation or underinflation of the tire
  • Wear and tear or aging of the tire
  • Overloading the vehicle beyond its recommended capacity
  • Manufacturing defects or damage sustained during installation or repair of the tire
  • Driving at high speeds for extended periods, especially in hot weather conditions.

A tire blowout can cause a sudden loss of control of the car, which can end in a significant collision with catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death. To avoid tire blowouts, it’s important to have the right tire pressure, routinely check the tire for wear or damage, and drive carefully. And always pull over to the side of the road safely if a tire blows out while you’re driving to prevent a potentially dangerous situation.

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