18 Wheeler Attorney Baton Rouge

Big truck accidents like the ones dealing with 18 wheelers can be a terrifying event for your entire family. That’s why your friends at the Gordon McKernan Law Firm in Baton Rouge are just whom you need to help in this time of need during one of the many stages of grief while dealing with too many hard decisions that have to be made quickly. Our attorneys are accomplished and have practiced law in every circumstance that deals with an 18 wheeler accidents. The Gordon McKernan Law Firm has a combined legal experience of representing injury victims and their families in Louisiana and Texas for over 20 years with a combined $1 Billion in dollars recovered for their our clients. Gordon McKernan Law Firm’s mission is to hold big corporations and negligent parties accountable for the tragic decision they unfortunately made that impacted the lives of innocent people of Baton Rouge. This mission has been instilled through out the entire firm and will continue to be fulfilled for years to come.

18 Wheeler Accident Support

Hire Gordon McKernan Law Firm in Baton Rouge, where we have the expert 18 wheeler accident attorneys that have experience and will not fail to investigate the complexities of your accident and all of the factors that come into play. The dedicated mean and women at Gordon McKernan Law Firm have fought for every day people in Baton Rouge that are struggling to recover from physical, emotional, and financial despair after a tragic big truck accident. We guarantee that you will never be charged any fees unless we successfully win your case. Our fantastic success rate of 99% for cases that we’ve taken on shows how devoted and committed the 18 wheeler accident attorneys at Gordon McKernan Law Firm are to making sure your entire family is absolutely taken care of by the ones at fault. Big Trucks on the road today include 18 wheelers, semi trucks, tractor trailers, flat beds, tank trucks, delivery trucks, box trucks and dump trucks. While serving Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas, we have conducted hundreds of 18 wheeler accident cases yearly resulting in over $25 million dollars worth of damages recovered for our clients. Because of the enormous amount of these vehicles on the road, accidents continue to increase involving these types of vehicles year after year because of the unsafe practices by the organizations and drivers. These types of accidents can be extremely more dangerous than car accidents because of the sheer size and weight these trucks transport. To guarantee you are compensated the attorneys at Gordon McKernan Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to recover every dollar you deserve for your personal injury case. This means sending our investigators to the scene of the accident to examine all of the factors of your collision to level the playing field against the trucking company and prepare a winning case on your behalf.