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Personal injury is described as any form of physical or mental harm suffered through the negligence of another person. The most common type of personal injury claims are car and truck accidents, but personal injuries can happen as the result of a variety of things such as defective products, negligent medical care or error, slip and falls, plant explosions and industrial workplace accidents, and the wrongful death of a family member or loved one.

The personal injury attorneys at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys in Baton Rouge, Zachary, Gonzales, and Denham Springs have successfully recovered compensation for victims of personal injury accidents. In order to recover this monetary compensation in a personal injury case, the injured party must demonstrate that their injuries were the result of the careless actions or wrongdoing of the at-fault party. In a car wreck or big truck accident, the other driver may be held liable for your injury or damages if they failed to follow traffic laws by speeding or driving distracted (Ex. texting while driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol).

How a Personal Injury Affects You?

Regardless of the injuries you’ve sustained, the medical bills and associated expenses you incur can be extensive. Common car accident injuries include wrist and ankle fractures, whiplash, head trauma, and lower back injuries. In many cases, you’re unable to work and earn income as a result of your injury. Common consequences that you suffer at the result of a personal injury also include the inability to pay your mortgage or medical expenses and sustaining a painful chronic condition or a permanent physical impairment. At Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys in Baton Rouge, we believe that you shouldn’t have to face these burdens alone. The responsible and liable party and their insurance company should cover your losses fully. Unfortunately many times these insurance companies have tactics they use to limit their liability and settle cases for the smallest amount possible. For these reasons and many more, it is very important that you seek help from a lawyer if you’ve been involved in an accident that resulted in personal injury.

Our Attorneys are Dedicated to Helping Victims

Individuals that are involved in an accident resulting in personal injury are often unsure of whether or not
they should hire an attorney or try to handle the claim on their own. If at any time you are in a situation
where you are uncertain of your legal rights, it’s best to contact a lawyer. For example, if you’ve been
hurt in a car wreck the insurance adjuster may contact you for a statement or to sign a document in which
you’re unsure what it means. In this situation, if you’re equipped with an experienced personal injury
attorney they will be able to communicate with the insurance company and other parties on your behalf. At
Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys in Baton Rouge, our attorneys will negotiate to ensure that you receive fair compensation that covers the costs of your suffering, injuries, and property damages.

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Getting injured is never pleasant. Fortunately, many injuries heal quickly so people can return to their everyday daily lives. Yet, sometimes injuries are severe and have a long-term impact on a person’s life. The entire idea of an injury is worse when you know it resulted from negligence and entirely preventable. Suppose you sustained injuries because of someone else’s negligence or intentional harm. In that case, the law might permit you to seek compensation for civil court damages from the individual, business, or entity that caused your injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common events that lead to Baton Rouge personal injury claims. Still, many other scenarios can lead to preventable injuries, such as defective products, medical negligence, slip and fall accidents, abuse, and more. If you recently sustained a serious injury, you likely feel overwhelmed, anxious, angry, and unsure about what you should do next.

Consult an experienced Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to learn the best way forward for your situation. Until you have the chance to discuss your case with an attorney during a free consultation, the answers to the following frequently asked questions about personal injury cases in Baton Rouge provide preliminary information about recovering compensation from another party who harmed you or a loved one.

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