What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

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If you’re dealing with a catastrophic injury, you could be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim. To be considered a catastrophic injury, it has to be

  • a physical sickness or injury that’s extreme,
  • has a significant impact on the victim of the injury or illness,
  • and needs a great deal of medical treatment.

Although catastrophic injuries may not always be “permanent”, victims can experience pain and suffering from their injuries for many years. On top of that, the burden of treatment, hospital bills, and life adjustments, as well as not being able to work to make money to pay those bills, is often too much for many victims to bear. 

It’s important to keep in mind that facts and time are crucial in deciding who is responsible for your catastrophic injury. Louisiana places a one-year statute of limitations on most personal injury cases, so you should call a lawyer right away to start the process of filing your claim and getting the compensation you deserve.

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