Do I need a lawyer if I’ve suffered a personal injury?

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The short answer is yes, you absolutely need a personal injury lawyer if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence. A personal injury lawyer, like those on staff of Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, will have the experience and skill to find the evidence to prove your case.

Even if your health insurance is offering you a settlement for your injuries, it’s likely they’re offering you the bare minimum. Remember, insurance companies are interested in making money, not on helping you heal. An experienced personal injury lawyer will make sure you get a fair amount for the mental and physical pain, pain and suffering damages, and other injuries you’ve suffered.

Our lawyers are also compassionate partners for your case. When you Get Gordon, you have a tireless advocate who’s focused on filing the necessary paperwork, finding and collecting evidence, and more, so you can focus on what matters: getting better.