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After an accident injury caused by another’s negligence or carelessness, you may be unsure of where to turn for help. You could be in pain, unable to work, or even permanently disabled. You deserve compensation for the struggles you’re facing, but you could be facing a stiff legal battle to hold the liable party accountable for their actions.

The Louisiana personal injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan in Zachary are experienced negotiators and litigators who are dedicated to our clients’ cases. We have more than $2.5 Billion recovered for our clients in our years of Zachary law practice. Call us today at 225.888.8888 to get a free consultation about your case and get started on your path to recovery.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Zachary?

A personal injury can cause you multiple hardships all at the same time:

  • Your growing medical bills and lost wages can lead to financial instability
  • Your injuries could cause you to lose your ability to work for weeks, months, or even years
  • You could lose your ability to move freely or require the assistance of wheelchairs or other devices
  • Your injuries can lead to a decline in your mental and physical health

Your injuries’ costs extend far beyond your medical bills and the replacement costs of your property. You also deserve compensation for how your injuries have affected your mind, body, and spirit. If you’ve been injured badly enough to miss work, you deserve payment for your lost wages, as well as the wages you would’ve earned in the future had you not been injured.

You may think that your insurance company will take care of all of those worries for you—but you’d be wrong. Sadly, insurance companies don’t actually care about your needs, but rather about their bottom lines. They might offer you a settlement quickly, but that will usually be the lowest amount they’re legally required to pay. It’ll do little to help you actually heal from your injuries, and we’re here for you no matter how long it takes to settle your claim.

If you need more than the bare minimum, call the experienced Zachary injury lawyers at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys. We understand the hidden and ongoing costs of your injuries, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients file necessary paperwork, negotiate their settlements, and win their cases.

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The Cases an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist With

The Get Gordon team is here to help after you’ve been injured in an accident. The Zachary personal injury lawyers at our Louisiana law firm have represented clients suffering from a variety of accident injuries and helped them get the compensation they deserved.

Zachary Car Accident Lawyer

According to the latest data, Louisiana has some of the highest car crash rates in the country—307,000 vehicles were involved in 160,000 crashes in 2019—and Zachary is no exception. Thousands of cars, trucks, and other traffic enter and exit LA-19 every year, causing hundreds of car wrecks. Of course, the following factors also contribute to Zachary car accidents:

Other Zachary Personal Injury Claims

Car accidents may be some of the worst accidents to happen in Zachary, but they are not the only kind. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have worked with our clients on a number of other cases as well, including

Always Call a Doctor

Even though you may feel fine after, you should always call a doctor for a full check-up after an accident. You may not feel symptoms until days or even weeks later for even serious injuries. You should definitely go to the doctor for an assessment of the extent of your injuries, and you should also call a personal injury lawyer to begin the process of holding the other party accountable.

When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Zachary

There are likely many people you might want to call first after you are hurt in an accident, but one of the first should be a trustworthy Zachary personal injury attorney. Cases like these can take a very long time to come to a conclusion, and depending on the severity of the accident and injuries, can be very complicated.

For these reasons and more, it is smart to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. They will need time to gather evidence and interview witnesses, compile a convincing case, and to file the appropriate paperwork. Add to this the time limit in the statute of limitations, which is just 1 year for personal injury claims in Louisiana, and it is clear that the more time your attorney has to prepare, the better the chances will be that you get the compensation you rightly deserve.

Don’t let these short filing windows and overly-complicated legal procedures keep you from pursuing restitution for your injuries. The team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys has dealt extensively with the legal community in Zachary, and we know exactly how things work within it. After you call 911 and call your insurance to make a claim, call Gordon McKernan.

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys in Zachary are Here for You

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident, truck wreck, workers’ compensation accident, personal injury, medical malpractice injury, or wrongful death, you could be entitled to compensation.

Our team of skilled personal injury lawyers have the experience and passion to fight for you, no matter who was responsible for your injuries. We know that all you want to do is get better, so we will deal with the insurance companies or the courts, while you recover.

When you call our office in Zachary, one of our dedicated team members will hear your account of the accident, review any available evidence, and give you a considered consultation, all at no cost to you. And if we do end up representing you, you have the added assurance of the G Guarantee. It means that you don’t pay anything, not even filing fees, unless we win your case.

Give us a call at 225.888.8888 or fill out our convenient contact form online, and see what 679+ years of combined legal experience of combined experience with truck accidents, car accidents, workplace accidents, maritime accidents, and more can do for your case.

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