What An Explosion Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

When an explosion occurs, there are bound to be fatalities. If you have a loved one who was involved in an explosion accident, or if you were injured in one, it’s important to choose the right explosion accident lawyer to help you get the compensation that you deserve. The trauma of an explosion could last forever, but your expenses for medical bills don’t have to! That’s why you should turn to Gordon McKernan.

Explosion Accident Cases

There are many complex factors involved in accidents that involve fires or explosions, so it’s best to choose a firm that has the knowledge and experience to tackle such a complicated situation. You can always trust that Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys will utilize their skill and expertise to take care of their clients. In most cases, the firm will have to employ experts of chemical analysis, toxicologists, safety engineers, and more in order to get every bit of information necessary to have the upper hand in the case. Fore over twenty years, Gordon McKernan Attorneys has been working in explosion and burn accident cases. These accidents can include anything from chemical plant explosions, gas pipeline explosions, house explosions, or even product explosions

Settlements and Verdicts

Over the years, the attorneys of the Gordon McKernan firm have yielded excellent results from their cases. Recovering large cash settlements and verdicts throughout thousands of cases, covering minor personal injuries to large and complex cases, such as explosion accidents, the Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys have the experience it takes to earn your trust. In fact, the Gordon McKernan attorneys have recovered over ninety million dollars in settlements and verdicts! Now, doesn’t that seem pretty promising?

Other Services

The Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys don’t just dominate explosion accident cases; they excel in several other areas as well. The firm has experience in car wrecks, truck accidents, and personal injury! They have exceeded over one billion dollars in recoveries for their clients, and they can help you, too. If you want more assurance of customer satisfaction, then simply check out their client testimonial videos on their website!

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