Baton Rouge Lawyer Discusses Personal Injury Cases Involving Defective Products

Most of the time, technology advancements and new product developments improve our lives. But sometimes product manufacturers do not follow through with the proper processes and rigorous testing needed to fully ensure it is safe for consumers to use. This can result in a new product being rushed onto the market and potentially putting consumers at an increased risk of potentially dangerous side effects. When you or someone you love has suffered an injury as a result of a defective product, you could be eligible to file a claim against the manufacturer for damages. An experienced Baton Rouge lawyer with Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys can help you understand your rights and take legal actions if you have been hurt by an unsafe device or medication. Our team of expert personal injury lawyers has represented clients from all over Baton Rouge and we have a history of winning successful product liability settlements. Let us fight to get you financial compensation for your product recall claim.

Defective Medical Devices and Drugs Can Cause Serious Harm and Fatal Accidents

Product liability claims can encompass a wide range of devices and goods purchased by consumers. In most cases, medications and medical equipment and devices enhance the health of patients and they may even be lifesaving. However, if these products have not been vetted through stringent drug evaluations and testing they may end up causing harm to people. Drug and medical device manufacturers spend millions and even billions of dollars on product research and development, and they are strongly driven by financial incentives to achieve a return on that investment as quickly as possible. This motivation to recoup costs invested in product creation can unsafely accelerate the placement of products into consumers’ hands. Defective products can also result in tragedy with the loss of loved one. Consumers have a reasonable expectation that items we buy have undergone inspections and met exact requirements to approve them for public use. Unfortunately, dangerous products can reach the marketplace. Legal rules for product liability are different from other personal injury laws. Responsibility for a defective product lies with all companies in the distribution chain who supply and sell the product. It is important to get a Baton Rouge lawyer with in-depth knowledge of product liability can hold the manufacturing company accountable for this fatal accident. 

Hire a Baton Rouge Lawyer With Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys

With over 105 verdicts and settlements of at least one million dollars or more, our Baton Rouge law firm is highly experienced in all types of personal injury cases. When you need a Baton Rouge lawyer, call Gordon McKernan and his team of skilled and compassionate legal professionals at 225-888-8888. Our staff is standing by to take your information and connect you with a personal injury attorney who will help you determine whether you are entitled to file a product liability claim. The makers of consumer products have an ethical obligation to protect the health and safety of people, and when companies fail to fulfill this responsibility, it is our firm belief that they should be held liable. That is why we are committed to using our expertise and resources to represent the victims who have been injured by hazardous recalled products. If you have lost a family member because of a product that has been recalled for safety hazards, contact Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys today to receive a free case review – we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you.